Dianna Corsi

Project Development Advisor for Custom Built Design & Remodeling.

Dianna Corsi is a highly experienced professional with over 14 years in the remodeling industry. She has lived in the Greater Lansing area for the last 3 decades and currently resides in Okemos.

Dianna specializes in kitchen and bath projects, and currently holds the roles of Project Advisor and Cabinet Specialist with Custom Built Design & Remodeling. With her extensive knowledge of the remodeling industry, she is able to provide her clients with high-quality services that enhance their experience. 

Dianna’s passion for design has enabled her to create beautiful, functional spaces that will last for years to come. She is committed to helping her clients achieve their dream home through her unique approach to design and customer service.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, hiking the local trails, and designing/managing renovation projects of her own on her hundred-year-old home.  

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